Saturday, September 8, 2012

HTML5 support in current PC browsers

Hi there.

I just wanted to post up some quick numbers on how well some of the non-mobile browsers I have on my mac (sorry IE!!) are keeping up-to-date with the (currently proposed) HTML5 recommendations so far. These numbers are the scores received on the website All scores are out of a maximum score of 500. Here they are:

  1. Google Chrome 21: 346 + 9 bonus points.
  2. Safari 6: 366 + 8 bonus points
  3. Firefox 15: 346 + 9 bonus points
  4. Opera 12: 385 + 9 bonus points
Unsurprisingly, Opera leads the pack, with Chrome and Firefox in second. Overall, these numbers have increased quite dramatically over the last few months, which is quite encouraging to developers, designers and (I'm sure) business folks!! More to come in the following posts.....