Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My new Nokia Neuron and the S60 app


I just purchased a Nokia Neuron from Costco (for T-Mobile) for $120, along wih the unlimited internet data plan for just 10 bucks!! Yep! For some reason, the Neuron isn't considered a smart phone, although it has a lot of it's features. A few of them are listed below:

  • Preloaded with Ovi maps, the free navigation software from Nokia

  • The Ovi app, which gives one access to plenty of apps written specifically for the phone and platform (called S60)

  • An accelerometer thats nice to view/type in portrait mode

One of the things it lacks is support for WiFi networks, but that's negated by the cheapest data plan around. It comes with a 2GB micro SD memory card (expandable to 32 gigs). Not much else is loaded on the phone, but it's easy to fill up the 2 gigs with all the apps from the Ovi store. Besides, there are plenty of websites around from where one can download free apps, music, themes etc. Just search for "S60 free applications" in Google and you can download and install any app.

I'll post some pics and reviews of the phone soon. And yeah..have also submitted an app to the Ovi store that reads the RSS feed from this blog and displays it in a default application skin. Here's where I went to create it:
Ovi app wizard beta

Their developer program is currently closed but I'm hoping to get my hands dirty soon with writing some apps I'd like to see in the Ovi store.