Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Introduction

Hi folks.

I'm Avinash Prasad, a software engineer who's just starting to understand (I think) what software programming is all about. I've worked with a few technologies and programming languages but have never really mastered any. One reason I feel this is is because I never went back to examining what I had really done in any project. I wrote the code, made sure it worked, checked it in and then just forgot about it.

This is an attempt at understanding the code I shall be writing from now on and sharing my experiences with you folks. I may tackle some areas which may be of your interest and some that you may have never worked with. I may talk about some intricate problems with browsers or just muse about the latest addition to the Java programming language. Through this, I hope to help those in need of any information I may have and be able to share what I may know and others don't with the programming community at large. Hopefully, it shall also help me improve on my programming skills, so I may, someday, call myself a "Programmer".